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- High Quality Standards - Our Philosophy -

At Ziani Vegetable Oils we have made providing high quality standards our main goal and philosophy. Since founding the company, we have established ourselves as a top quality brand for the production and delivery of vegetable oils and fats. Our offer is directed exclusively at commercial customers. The food trade and the food industry as well as the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries fully trust in our superb services and qualities.

As we are very concerned about sustainability, we strictly follow the idea of supervised biological cultivation and also guarantee this for all of our goods.

Our expertise, our clearly defined quality policies and strictly regulated tests to this effect, enable us to guarantee high standards that satisfy all of our customers’ concerns.

Become one of our many satisfied customers and profit from our service maxims. Be sure of transparency, trust, customer satisfaction and, last but not least, the high quality standards of our goods.

Fairness is part of our everyday business and we therefore also guarantee fair prices for our customers and partners. Our ties and contacts prove this. We see this philosophy as a guarantor for our and your future.

Our company is certified according to the European Community ecology regulations and is therefore under the supervision and constant control of the governmental ecology department ÖKOP Zertifikations GmbH (DE-ÖKO-037).